Sunday, December 2, 2007


I made the Pan Seared Filet with Cabernet Sauce for sinner last night and it was excellent. I buy most of my meat at Sam's Club, as there is not a traditional butcher shop here in GR. Unfortunately, the chain grocery stores drove the traditional small butcher shops out of business in this area a long time ago. I will admit that I have been quite happy with how it turned out. I served long grained wild rice and a mixed greens salad with dinner. We washed it down with a bottle of 2005 Veo Ultima Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. VEO is likely the Mondavi of Chile and is the largest private grower when measured by sheer vineyard acreage. After we finished our meal, we settled to watch the Red Wings beat the Coyotes in High Def. Life agrees with me!


Lisa said...

I still miss the small butcher shop of my youth, and the big box stores just don't seem to carry the finest cuts. But you might want to try Kingma's Market at 2225 Plainfield NE, or 20th Century Market at 610 Bridge St NW. Then maybe written reviews? Not that it will help me much out here in the desert, but your local readers might enjoy.

I'm always full of good ideas, aren't I?

Paul's Blog said...

This info is very helpful. I will see if they are still around. I miss the Village Market on Mack Avenue!