Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fire up the grill!

Well, I am motivated to fire up our gas grill and cook a couple of steaks that have been sitting quietly in our freezer for a few weeks. I was checking up on the Marble and Mud blog and despite the frigid temps in the Valley of the Sun, Czarina Lisa braved the night temps to grill a couple of steaks using the Garlic and Pepper marinade listed in this group. I will need to shovel a few inches of snow from the patio to clear an access way to the grill, but that should not be an issue. At least I do not suffer from a fear of a "cauldron of invisible, flammable gases," which is something shared by more than one member of this group!

Here is the complete menu for tonight:

Garlic and Pepper Marinated NY Strip Steaks
Long Grain & Wild Rice
Broccoli with Cheese Sauce
Tossed Greens

The wine is TBD. Wife and I are heading to one of our favorite stores later today to purchase a bottle a bottle of wine for our New Year's Eve meal. Updates to follow.


Lisa said...

I will admit not having to go the extra mile and shovel snow before match met flammable gas. Something is amiss with your igniter so it's "fire in the hole," and away we go.

I did wear a coat, though!


P.S. The marinade was spectacular.

Paul's Blog said...

We just finished dinner. You are correct, the marinade was great! I had never used it on a strip steak before, I had only used it on a flank steak. I will definitely use this marinade again.


P.S. What was served at the Hacienda tonight?

Lisa said...

I am still sans oven, so I did the dijon chicken on the cook top. The Tot devours this stuff. Grilled squash brushed with garlic steeped olive oil, and wild rice accompanied.

Our tummies are smiling.


Paul's Blog said...

Yummy! I am glad that the Tot's tummy is smiling. :-)