Monday, December 24, 2007


This morning I was busy in the kitchen. I had to make an apple pie for tonight's dinner with Bud & Barbara Lucas, and I had to make beef stock for the prime rib meal I will be cooking tomorrow. In stead of Braeburn apples from New Zealand, I used Michigan Macintosh apples for the pie. I had not seen Macintosh apples in a while, so when I noticed them at my local D&W supermarket, I grabbed them for the pie. The finished product can be seen to the right of this text.

To make a good au jus, you simply have to have beef stock. Nothing can really be substituted for beef stock. It is not hard to make, it just takes time. I started cooking the beef stock at 9AM and it will be done simmering around 3PM. The stock can be seen simmering to the left of this text. After it is done, I will strain the liquid and then store what I do not use tomorrow into plastic containers and freeze them. The stock freezes well, and I only will use about 2 cups to make the au jus. What this means is that I will have stock to use in a future prime rib meal.

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Lisa said...

I'm so bummed I have no oven for cooking at Christmastime. Your beef stock looks wonderful. Wish I could get a whiff of it. Bet the house smells great!