Saturday, December 29, 2007


Dee and I went to see our friend Amy at Art of the Table so we could select a bottle of wine forour upcoming New Year's Eve meal. I am making one of Deirdre's favorite recipes, Tenderloin Deluxe, which was given to my by my sister Patricia a few years ago. Amy pointed us to a bottle of 2002 Januik Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. I have never had the pleasure of tasting this wine, but Amy assured us that this would go perfectly with our meal.

We also picked up a bottle of Petite Syrah, a 2005 vintage from another winery I have never heard of, Clos Mimi Winery. We will enjoy the Syrah at some point over the course of the next few days. As Lisa directed us to do:

"Go forth and dine. Consume good food and splurge on good wine. Hug someone. Happy Weekend."

Who am I not to follow the order of the Czarina herself? Happy weekend to you all, too!


Lisa said...

...but, anyone who's anybody really wants to know:

Have you hugged someone??

When I'm in GR in January, I'm definitely stopping in at Art of the Table. How I missed it while living there, I'll never know.

Hope you guys have a wonderful New Year.


Paul's Blog said...

Yes, I have hugged my dog and my wife today. But not necessarily in that order. 8-)

I will be happy to take you to Art of the Table when you are in the Enchanted Mitten.