Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday Night's Dinner

OK, the bathroom project is now all but done. The electrician will come back on Monday and install the vent fan and the bathroom will be complete. Now that this project is done, I have started to cook again. I had two chicken breast in the freezer, so I decided to defrost them and make Chicken Provencale. I served this dish with some Garlic Herbed Cous Cous, and tossed greens with Caesar Dressing. Dee and I toasted the completion of the bathroom project with a bottle of 2005 Oratoire Domaine St. Martin, from the Cote du Rhone region of France. We purchased the wine at one of our favorite foodie haunts, Art of the Table. Once again I was able fill the kitchen with the aroma of chicken, onions, garlic and oregano. Dee was happy that I am cooking for her again. I think that her chi is starting to become right again.

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