Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deirdre's First of Three Birthday Dinners

Deirdre will soon celebrate her 35th birthday this week, so she is having "Birthday Reign" this weekend and next. See asked me on Wednesday to make her a Prime Rib roast for dinner on Saturday night for the first meal of her birthday festivities. I will cook the roast tonight, and serveit with baked potatoes and French cut green beans. I was thinking about a salad, but this meal is for Deirdre so green beans it is! We visited our friends at Art of the Table to pick out an appropriate wine for this meal. Ryan and Amy felt that a bottle of 2003 Bonaccorsi Santa Ynez Syrah will do the trick. Thw jury is still out as to whether we will have some Hudsonville Ice Cream or Irish Coffee for dessert. Updates to follow.

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