Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breakfast of champions

I love scrambled eggs.  I am the only person in the house who does so I typically make them when I am the only person in the house.  Such as this weekend.  :)

Eggs lightly beaten (as many as you wish)
White wine
Cherry tomatoes sliced to preference
Feta cheese (as much as you like)
Mickey & T's Greek seasoning

Scramble the eggs, adding the Greek seasoning and white wine as you go.  Do not overlook this step.  (Yum).

After heating the olive oil in the pan, I cook the cherry tomatoes until lightly browned.  Then I add the scrambled egg mix and let it sit for a bit.  As the outer rim of the eggs starts to form, I add the feta cheese. I cook until done. 

I cook a batch of this on Sunday and have great breakfast ready to go for the week.  And I can't recommend Mickey & T's seasonings enough.  They are wonderful!

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