Sunday, July 3, 2011

BBQ Pork Ribs

What is more fitting for a Fourth of July weekend meal that BBQ pork ribs? That is what will be cooking in the Cafe later tonight. A few weeks ago, Oscoda had its annual "Art on the Beach" at the Oscoda Public Park downtown. There were lots of artisans selling their wares, but there were also a few people selling cooking stuff. One of those people selling cooking stuff was Mickey. I was intrigued by his spices, so for a mere $20 I purchased 6 bottles of his spices. Two of the bottles were "Rib Rub." I am giving his rub a try with the piggies tonight. First, I purchased a package of ribs from Sam's Club, then I cut the ribs into approximately 8 inch sections. Then I liberally applied the Rib Rub to the piggies:

Here is a picture of the Rib Rub:

And here is the finished product:

The piggies are quietly marinating with the Rib Rub in the fridge. I will fire up the grill ~6PM and put the piggies on when the charcoal is ready. Once the ribs are done, I will add KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce to the meat. Deirdre will make her world famous Chopped Salad and crusty bread will also be served. Updates to follow as conditions warrant.

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