Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slight change in plans...

Much to the chagrin of the Super Mom, earlier this week I planned the following menus for the coming week:

Sunday: Stay in Bed Stew
Monday: Chicken Masala
Tuesday: Chicken with Tarragon and Cream
Wednesday (Christmas Eve): Balsamic Pork Chops
Thursday (Christmas Day): Brined Turkey Breast
Friday: Leftover Turkey

Of course, no plan survives first contact with the opposition. Instead of eating at home for Christmas Eve, we have been invited over have dinner with Bud & Barbara, our "GR parents." Thus, my new menu for the week looks something like this:

Sunday: Stay in Bed Stew
Monday: Chicken Masala
Balsamic Pork Chops
Wednesday (Christmas Eve): Beef Tenderloin
Thursday (Christmas Day): Brined Turkey Breast
Friday: Lamb with Cous Cous

The Stay in Bed Stew was nothing short of fantastic, while the Chicken Masala was rather pedestrian. The Masala was easy enough to make, as all I had to do was back a few chicken breasts until they were done, than simemr the pre-cooked chicken in the Masala sauce for 15 minutes or so. The Vindaloo sauce is a lot spicer and much more aligned with our tastes.

I am excited about the Lamb with Cous Cous. I lived in France during most of my junior year in college and one dish I grew quite found of was, you guessed it, Lamb with Cous Cous. I found a recipe for it that looks very similar to the meals I had in France. Of course, full report to follow on how that meal turns out.


Lisa... said...

Did you find the saffron?


Paul's Blog said...

I found it at Russo's. The recipe calls for "a pinch." I think that I have 5 or 6 pinches in the little jar that set me back $20!

If this meal is a hit with Dee, maybe I can make it for you during your visit. Or I can just make hot dogs and cheesy mac for you and the Tot.