Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deirdre is cooking tonight!

Dee is cooking dinner tonight. So what that really means is that we are ordering take out! We have gotten into the habit of getting chicken wings from the nearby Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) on Tuesday night. Our Dutch friends will appreciate why Tuesday night is a BWW night: wings are just 40 cents apiece! Thus, for the tidy little sum of about 12 bucks, we can get 30 wings and dinner is done. We just need to get some celery and a few more oat pops before dinner is served. Also, our friend and fellow foodie Deb will be joining us for dinner so she can meet Samson and to catch the Wings game. Dee an I just had an HD cable box installed, so the hockey game will be crystal clear tonight. Say it with me, "Let's go, Red Wings!"

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Deirdre said...

And can I cook! :)