Sunday, July 14, 2013

scallops and beans and corn, oh my!

I was flying solo this weekend and was on the fence about dinner.  I had scallops in the freezer, along with green beans and corn.  I didn't quite know what to do with them.  But they looked delicious.  So I let them defrost and started planning.



I decided to do very little with the scallops other than a sear; I found the recipe on the Food Network website AND I followed the directions.  Some of the comments mentioned the pepper and they were right - the pepper gave the scallops a really amazing taste.  Highly recommended. 

The green beans and corn, I did something completely different.  I dried the beans and put a little olive oil in a pan.  I cooked the beans until the started to cook through, then I added the corn.  Everything had a nice hue, having cooked through (probably 8 minutes on the beans, 3-4 with the corn).  I topped with a little feta cheese and covered.  The cheese melted and when served, I sprinkled the concoction with toasted pine nuts. 

Exquisite.  I would totally make this again.  Served with a vintage Lion's Lair.  Excellent Saturday night!

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