Sunday, May 10, 2009


Normally, this blog is all about cooking and discussing the aftermath of trying a new recipes or a special meal. I am going to take a small departure from the usual and talk about a new project: growing fresh rosemary. I have to be upfront about this. I am not a gardener. I do not like to "work the soil," nor have I had much luck at all in any previous attempts to grow things. Some of the gentle readers of this blog are accomplished gardeners and I applaud their efforts.
I am pretty good at cutting grass and occasionally planing some new seeds. Growing other plants? Fuh-get-aboutit.

The reason why I am trying my hand at growing fresh rosemary is that our friend Amy, the proprietor of our favorite store Art of the Table, handed me a packet of rosemary seeds as part her "Spring Fling" program. I told her that I was not much or a gardener and she seemed a little surprised at that statement. I suppose that Amy has sort of thrown down the gauntlet and now it is up to me to deliver.

I went to our local hardware store and purchased a small pot in which to plant the rosemary. I checked out a couple of websites about how to grow the herb and I am now happy to report that the seeds Amy gave me yesterday are now quietly beneath some soil. All I have to do is wait for the seeds to germinate. Updates to follow as conditions warrant.

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Lisa said...

Go! Go! Go! Mine are taking their sweet time sprouting. The basil and chives have taken off, but the rosemary is slower. I'm keeping them shaded and watered, so I can't possibly have killed it, yet. Herbs should be pretty easy for you. My old neighbor grew basil that looked like a shrub! Oh. Heavenly.