Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday Dinner

Deirdre here ... this Easter weekend while joyful, has been slightly truncated.  Paul and I had Friday off and invited Ann Marie (our fave college student and Samson's BFF) here for dinner and an escape from the dorms.   Paul was heading back to Grosse Pointe on Saturday for a quick visit with his parents, and Ann Marie went along to see her family.  We celebrated Friday with a magnificent menu of baked scallops and crab legs.  

What is delightful and inspiring all in one thought is that Paul doesn't eat seafood.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zero. Zilch.  But the guy can hack, toss, bake and boil this stuff better than any restaurant or professional chef that I have ever met.  And having Ann Marie in the kitchen with him is like having Emeril Lagasse and Rachel Ray cooking feasts.  People, it's crazy.  Crazy good.  

Along with the baked scallops, we boiled crab legs.  We bought the legs when we were in Sam's Club shopping one afternoon and threw them in the freezer, knowing that Good Friday was fast approaching.   The easiest (and most delicious) way that we have found to cook them is to hack 'em up and throw them in a pot of boiling water.  Along with drawn butter, fresh lemons and our favorite wine from Art of the Table, the meal was a smashing success.  

People sometimes wonder why I post in the cooking blog.  Really since boiling water is easily a stretch, should I even be posting?  In my defense, I do make the salad, set the table, do the dishes and people, take the pictures!  What's a great blog without some awesome pics?  We all have our gifts.   Tonight is Paul's Rack of Lamb.  Stay tuned.  And Happy Easter.  

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