Sunday, August 28, 2011


This is new for us.  I don't know that I have ever posted a breakfast recipe.  And we are on a huge feta cheese kick right now.  So I had all the ingredients for a terrific breakfast, sans Paul, because well, he doesn't eat eggs.

2 eggs, beaten
a few cherry tomatoes (as many or as few as you wish), quartered
a dash of white wine
a shake of basil
feta cheese

Heat up a tablespoon or so of olive oil and warm up the tomatoes.  Over medium heat, add the egg mixture and let it cook until it starts to firm up.  Add the cheese.  Cook until done, depending on how you like your eggs.

You see how my cooking style differs wildly from Paul's precise measurements. I'm a 'this looks good' kind of cook.   Oh, and this is a "Samson Approved" breakfast dish.  I like it too.

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