Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Potent Potable

This is the first drink that I will have at the cottage.  Guaranteed.  And thank you Abi and Grace.

Bourbon Slush
1 cup Sugar
6 oz. Frozen Orange Juice
12 oz. Frozen Lemonade
2 cups Hot Tea (2 cups hot water with 2 tea bags.  Steep 5 minutes)
2 cups Bourbon
6 cups Water

1.    Mix all the above in large bowl.
2.    Freeze overnight.  (We place the mixture in a Tupperware tub with lid.)
3.    Take out of freezer and let stand for ½ hour.
4.    Spoon into glasses and garnish with cherry.
5.    Keep mixture refrigerated while serving.



Francene said...

I have that same recipe only mine calls for vodka instead of bourbon. Try both and see which you like better.

Lisa said...

This sounds awesome!!!!!

Deirdre said...

Seriously, this is heaven in a cup with a spoon. It will be my first toast in the cottage.