Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Vindaloo

We had a lot of left over turkey following our Thanksgiving meal. The uncooked turkey breast was 8.4 lbs., so I had to find some creative ways to make use of the left over turkey. Our friends at Art of the Table provided a perfect way to make use of some of the turkey. Amy suggested that we try adding some turkey to Indian Vindaloo Simmering Sauce. The recipe was simple enough: Simmer sauce with 1 1/2 lbs cubed poultry for 10-15 minutes and serve over rice.

This simmering sauce had a wonderful aroma while heating, and I spooned the simmered sauce over cous cous. It was incredible easy to make and the sauce was spicy and inviting. I will definitely try more of the sauces made by Maya Kaimal.


Henry said...

Commander, When was the Turkey Vindaloo served? I've lost track of the chronology of meals that have been served East of the Equator.

Paul's Blog said...

Turkey Vindaloo was prepared for dinner on Friday night.