Sunday, September 7, 2008

New world order

This weekend marked the first time that I cooked in the kitchen alone. Paul was visiting family and I had the time, ingredients and courage to cook. Alone.

I took a recipe out the recipe book that came with our Convection/Microwave. Chicken Enchiladas. It was okay but not good enough to post and recommend. I need to do some tweaking to get it to recommendable state. I will play with the recipe and post when it's worthy.

The very cool thing about the oven (as I frequently discuss with my friend Barb) is the fastbake feature. These enchiladas cooked in 23 minutes. Total. 19 to cook and 4 minutes with the little extra cheese on top. (Diary is GOOD for you) :) I could probably throttle back to 3 minutes with the toppings.

If you are looking for something new to cook, check Lisa's blog, another culinary diva who loves to cook, eat and drink. She IS someone you would want at a party. :)

We are relatively cooking blandly right now. We promise new and exciting adventures in cooking when the kitchen comes together.


Gary and Lisa said...

Way to go, Dee. Exploring the brave new world of cooking in which BW3 is not part of the equation. You go, girl. :-)

I second the cheese. Life is just better with cheese.

The appliances look fan-tabulous, by the way. Just gorgeous.


Deirdre said...

I would NEVER turn away BW3....too easy. But I was pleased that I COOKED a recipe all by myself. :)

The kitchen is just calling to the cooks. Can't wait.