Saturday, February 23, 2008


OK, I have been ignoring this blog for a while. Truth be told, I have been busy. Busy with trying to find a job! Sure, you might think that I should not be shirking my responsibilities to maintain the East of the Equator Cafe, but you are getting what you pay for when you visit this blog!

All kidding aside, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me. I have applied for a few positions in and around Grand Rapids, one of them is the job of Director of Readiness and Response for the American Red Cross. I had my second interview last week and I am now waiting for the decision of the Chief Executive Officer. Look here for more information about my job search.

Back to dinner tonight. A few months ago I made a bunch of beef stock. I use the stock to make the au jus for prime rib, as well as for the base for a few different sauces and reductions.
In my freezer I have four servings of beef stick and given the cold, cold weather we are experiencing here in the Enchanted Mitten, also known as the Motherland to this person. At breakfast this morning I spoke to the spousal unit as to her desires and I suggested prime rib. The wife looked with favor upon this proposal, so during our shopping trip this morning, I purchased an 8 pound roast, along with a few other things needed to make this meal.

Some people look at prime rib as an extravagance, but it is quite economical. The roast I purchased was $6.97 /lb, and there is little waste when it comes to this cut of beef. Also, this roast will give rise to a couple of left over meals, too. We will be enjoying a bottle of Estancia Merlot. Side dishes will be French Green Beans and some sort of tossed greens, too. It is a cold, grey Saturday here, so this meal will help take the chill out of our bones.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Shameful, shameful neglect. I need to know what's cookin', and I'm a bit worried as to what the state of affairs might be once you're gainfully employed again.

Have you tried Kingma's yet?


Paul's Blog said...

Where is Kingma's? I think that I have the address somewhere...

Lisa and Gary... said...

N.E. side. Plainfield and....can't think of the cross street.