Friday, January 18, 2008

My Friday Meal

Deirdre posting...

Tonight, Paul is cooking. Since I have worked a grueling day, Paul was kind of enough to ask me what I wanted.

Tonight, I have opted for Cilantro Chicken. It is fabulous. The chicken is soaked in honey, lime juice and olive oil and baked. At the end of the bake, we top it with cheese, salsa and cilantro. It is easy to cook and easy to clean up. We will compliment the chicken with cous cous, a ceasar salad and a Chilean chardonnay, Veo.

If you would like the recipe or want to rub elbows with some foodie Grand Rapids nerds, drop us a note. We would love to have you join our group!


Lisa and Gary... said...

I have cilantro. I have chicken. I have honey, lime juice, cheese and salsa.

I have no oven. Still.


Paul's Blog said...

Oh, Lisa. How hard can it be to get a new door for an oven?

So how did Gary do during your absence? Lots of ramen noodles? Or are there all kinds of pizza boxes strewn about the Hacienda?